Now available: the wonderful KHEOPS from Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget.

Now available: the wonderful KHEOPS from Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget.

Pharaoh has called before him his two best architects, and has ordered them to build the most sumptuous of tomgs ever imagined. You are one of these architects, so get to work at once with hordes of workers, a zealous priest, and even a mummy at your disposal! The monumental task will require reflection, strategy, a bit of luck and maybe a little ruthlessness. When the mighty pyramid is complete, you want Pharaoh's gratitude to be lavished upon you...instead of your pretentious and incompetent rival! KHEOPS is a building game for 2 architects who are not afraid of the Pharaoh.

Beautiful building game with lots of strategy

Unique wooden components


Crimson Crush

• Easy card game of top Designer Michael Schacht with a unique twist.

• Simple game, quick to teach, in which it is important to keep a close eye on your opponents.

• Try to guess who is going to win the battle (Crimson Crush or Death Grip), because that determines whether you score or lose points.



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2010 has been very good with the release of our new game "Rattus". This game is like no other game around. A game with everchanging powers in Europe during the Black Death period in 1347.

6 Character cards from 6 different classes are willing to help you but at what cost ?


HONG: great 2 player game

In a mystic land far away an empire is attacked by a fearless dragon master who is trying to conquer the empire by sending two headed dragons (Hongs) to defeat the emperor. As long as the dragons don't come in big numbers the emperor will be able to defend it, but the dragon master knows that a lot of small dragons can be the doom of the empire. Can the emperor save his land or will the dragon master flood the empire with dragons? To make the game even more great: we have included a full expansion in the box: "Lair of the Seven Great Dragons'.

Both players have different goals to win the game.

An easy to play tile laying game with few rules but a lot of strategy.

Free 'Lair of the Seven Great Dragons' expansion included in the box.