This expansion consists of two modules: The Upgrades and The Universities. Additionally, this expansion contains six new class cards which are designed to be used together with one or both these modules. Most of the class cards require one of the new modules, but apart from this, you can combine the parts from this expansion with the base game and any other  expansion as you wish. You can play with just one of the new modules, with both of the new modules, or with one or both of the modules combined with any number of the new class cards.

This module consists of six upgrade tiles which allow players to upgrade the class cards from the base game.

This module introduces universities, which will be founded in various regions on the board at random times during the game. This will allow the players to score additional points during the game.


Essen 2016

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2010 has been very good with the release of our new game "Rattus". This game is like no other game around. A game with everchanging powers in Europe during the Black Death period in 1347.

6 Character cards from 6 different classes are willing to help you but at what cost ?


4 Sinful lieutenants for General Mapache

Four new savage gunfighters (Francois Chabannes, "Mister" Lowe, Valentin de Herrera "The Beast" and Arlene Bellefleur) ride into battle, lured by Mapache's ill-gotten wealth and promises of power. For a fistful of Pesos, these lawbreakers join the self-styled general and wait to do his sinful bidding.

Stood firmly against these desperados are a gang of cowpunchers, card sharks and one-time outlaws - marshalled to help the cause by the commendable Padre.

In the end only one side will claim victory. Will it be yours?