White Goblin Games acquires Chronicle Games as a design studio

White Goblin Games acquires Chronicle Games as a design studio

2e Exloërmond – As of October 1, 2017, Chronicle Games will become part of White Goblin Games and will continue its operations as a studio label. Chronicle Games is a publisher of board games, among which are the Dutch licenses of Dream Home, What’s Up and 10 Minute Heist: The Wizard’s Tower.

Chronicle Games is a nationally oriented publisher of board games, noted for its publication of high-quality games with great replayability. “Besides a game needing to be fun, it is also of great importance to us that the quality of the rules is topnotch and the artwork is exquisite,” according to Michiel Hendriks.

Chronicle Games was founded by Hendriks in 2015 and within a short amount of time has become a respected name in the industry. Hendriks has the ambition to further expand the Chronicle Games formula and the availability of their games, which will now be possible within the network of White Goblin Games. Michiel Hendriks will take on the role of Senior Developer at White Goblin Games, mainly focusing on selection, localization and quality control of the games. “My heart as well as my greatest strength lie in these areas, and I’m delighted to be able to fully focus on bringing great games to The Netherlands,” according to Michiel Hendriks.

With the acquisition – Chronicle Games will be positioned as a design studio within White Goblin Games – the licenses for the games will now become part of White Goblin Games’ portfolio and the publisher will put all their effort into enabling as many people as possible to be able to enjoy Chronicle Games’ games. “Through our network we will be able to take the Chronicle Games concept to a new level. All possible marketing and sales support will be applied for this purpose,” said White Goblin Games’ Johan Kuipers. “In this cooperation the advantages of both companies will be combined, creating a wonderful synergy and new opportunities to explore,” added White Goblin Games’ Jonny de Vries.

About White Goblin Games:

White Goblin Games is a young and fast-growing publisher of board, card and dice games. The company has a broad portfolio of licenses for fun board and card games from numerous international partners. Over the past years White Goblin Games has established themselves nationally as a renowned publisher through the localization of games such as Qwixx, Codenames and Machi Koro. Additionally, they develop and publish their ‘own’ titles. This year four new international titles will be released: Montana, Bali, Ali Baba and Claim.


KIngdomino wins SPIEL DES JAHRES 2017

Kingdomino wins the 2017 Spiel des Jahres award !



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6 Character cards from 6 different classes are willing to help you but at what cost ?



This expansion consists of two modules: The Upgrades and The Universities. Additionally, this expansion contains six new class cards which are designed to be used together with one or both these modules. Most of the class cards require one of the new modules, but apart from this, you can combine the parts from this expansion with the base game and any other  expansion as you wish. You can play with just one of the new modules, with both of the new modules, or with one or both of the modules combined with any number of the new class cards.

This module consists of six upgrade tiles which allow players to upgrade the class cards from the base game.

This module introduces universities, which will be founded in various regions on the board at random times during the game. This will allow the players to score additional points during the game.