age 10+ players 2 playtime 30
Dutch French English German


Box content

Vampire Empire
  • 9 double-sided character cards (human / vampire)
  • 9 character tokens
  • 40 vampire deck cards
  • 40 human deck cards
  • 12 attack/defence markers
  • 1 bag
  • 9 sleeves


In an old castle and neighbouring city, three Vampires are hiding. The task of the human player is to find out which three of nine characters are in fact monsters hiding in human form and eliminate them. The Vampire player must bluff cleverly, give confusing clues, and trick the humans into attacking innocent citizens. The Vampire player does this to kill the most important characters in the city or to conquer the castle. Will the vampires be successfully caught before they endanger the entire society, or will the castle and city fall forever into darkness?

  • A card game of bluff and deduction for two players.
  • Set your opponent on the wrong path, by giving confusing clues.
  • Enjoy the game’s unique illustrations and atmosphere!
  • Another strong title in our 2-player series, which also features Revolver.


Vampire Empire


Player aid: Dutch
Player aid: German
Player aid: French
Player aid: English
Gamerules: Dutch
Gamerules: German
Gamerules: French
Gamerules: English


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