age 10+ players 2-4 playtime 60
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This new edition of Medina contains these great components: · 1 double-sided Game Board (new!) · 80 wooden Building pieces · 16 wooden Rooftops · 12 wooden Stables · 31 wooden Merchants · 36 wooden Walls · 4 wooden Towers · 1 wooden Well (new!) · 4 Tower tiles · 4 Palace tiles · 6 Tea tiles (new!) · 4 Player Screens · 1 Score Block · 4 Rules




The year is 1822. After years of decay, it is time to rebuild Medina, located at the foot of the Atlas mountains. The players work together to erect large and beautiful palaces and to renovate the damaged city wall. As life returns to the old city, people flock through the alleys, and the contours of the new city gradually reappear!

  • Re-issue of a classic with new artwork, game components and improved rules
  • Simple rules, short turns, but plenty of possibilities and great depth
  • A well-filled box with almost 200 uniquely designed wooden game components
  • A tactical game without luck but with a lot of interaction between players

New in this edition:

  • Now also for 2 players
  • Double-sided game board (2-4 players)
  • Additional rules and game components: the well and tea tiles!


Medina Medina Medina Medina Medina Medina Medina Medina Medina


Gamerules: German
Gamerules: French
Gamerules: English
Gamerules: Dutch


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