Essen 2016 29 September 2016

You can pre order the games in our webshop and take your parcel of games in Essen at booth 4-D104.


4 Sinful lieutenants for General Mapache 16 August 2016

Four new savage gunfighters (Francois Chabannes, "Mister" Lowe, Valentin de Herrera "The Beast" and Arlene Bellefleur) ride into battle, lured by Mapache's ill-gotten wealth and promises of power. For a fistful of Pesos, these lawbreakers join the self-styled general and wait to do his sinful bidding.

Stood firmly against these desperados are a gang of cowpunchers, card sharks and one-time outlaws - marshalled to help the cause by the commendable Padre.

In the end only one side will claim victory. Will it be yours?


The Rats are back 24 July 2016

Rattus base game is available again. The succesful familygame can be bought all across Europe and in our webshop.

This winter there will be a complete new expansion with a new refreshing mechanic.