Rattus: Expansion 4 – Academicus


Expand your favorite Rattus game with Rattus Academician! 6 new classes! Upgrade your class cards and earn extra points with universities!

    Content of the game
    • 6 class cards (1 for each of the 6 classes Peasantry, Bourgeoisie, Church, Chivalry, Magic and Royalty)● 6 upgrade cards (1 for each of the 6 class cards Peasant, Merchant, Monk, Knight, Witch and King), with two sides (Level II/Level III)
    • 12 university victory point tokens
    • 2 wooden university pieces (one white and one green)
    • 25 event cards (5x “University founding”, 12x “Class bonus” (2 for each class), 2x “Discard class cards” and 6x “No event”)