age 12+ players 2 playtime 45


Box content

Revolver expansion 1.1: Ambush on Gunshot Trail (English)

2 new bandit cards
6 ambush cards
11 new Colonel McReady deck cards
11 new Jack Colty deck cards
4 True Grit (extra life) tokens
2 Power tokens (Colty gang)





The mayor of Repentance Springs has fallen down a mine shaft. Undismayed, Ned McReady vows to keep the peace, by fair means or foul – his way or the road to Perdition. The only fly in this curly wolf’s ointment is Jack Colty - a loose cannon, robbing banks, and shooting folks, and he don’t care a continental – if you believe the stories. With a plan hatched behind the gospel mill, Ned sets out to put a spoke in Jack’s wheel. Deals are struck. Ambushes are set.

  • expansion to the successful two-player game “Revolver” which add new tactics and make the battle between Jack and Ned even more intense
  • contains two modules which can easily be combined with the basic game either collectively or individually
  • set traps to surprise your opponent when he arrives in a particular area
  • build your own deck and determine your own playing style; the possibilities are endless!



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