age 10+ players 2-5 playtime 45
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Völuspá: Order of the Gods (expansion)

25 new tiles (Dwarf, Freya, Raven and Niohoggr), 16 booster tokens, 20 zero tokens and 5 "+150/+200" tokens



Expand your Völuspá game with four new types of tiles!

Add these tiles to your base game or play with one of the recommended tile sets that blend tiles from both expansions. With so many new ways to play, your enjoyment of Völuspá is sure to increase.

* New tiles with even more variation en fun

* Discover new combinations with the tiles from the succesful base game

* Gorgeous illustrations from Piêro




Others about Völuspá: Order of the Gods (expansion)

"If you like Voluspa, I recommend getting the expansion. I think it adds a lot of variety to the game. We played the base game, then added the Saga of Edda inspansion, and then we added this expansion. That way we were able to learn a little bit at a time. Of course, by the expansion you don’t play with all the tiles, or it would be a really long game, but I like that once you know how everything works, it adds variety and it’s fun to see how the different combinations work together." Mommy gamer; http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1170917/see-why-daisy-doodle-dice-likes-voluspa-order-of-t


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