age 10+ players 2 - 4 playtime 45
Dutch French English German


Box content

Rattus: Expansion 4 - Academicus

● 6 class cards (1 for each of the 6 classes Peasantry, Bourgeoisie, Church, Chivalry, Magic and Royalty)

● 6 upgrade cards (1 for each of the 6 class cards Peasant, Merchant, Monk, Knight, Witch and King), with two sides (Level II/Level III)

● 12 university victory point tokens

● 2 wooden university pieces (one white and one green)

● 25 event cards (5x “University founding”, 12x “Class bonus” (2 for each class), 2x “Discard class cards” and 6x “No event”)



Europe, 1350. The Black Death has laid waste to much of Europe. However, the thirst for knowledge never dies, and new universities are founded across Europe. A university gives prestige to its founder, and educates the people, giving them improved abilities and new skills. Will these skills be helpful in the fight against the plague?



Rattus: Expansion 4 - Academicus Rattus: Expansion 4 - Academicus

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