age 12+ players 2 - 6 playtime 90


Box content

Talisman Revised 4th edition - The Blood Moon expansion (ENG version)

111 Adventure cards

10 Spell cards

1 Time card

6 Lycanthrope cards

3 Alternative Ending cards

3 Character cards and plastic figures

1 Werewolf




Expansion for TALISMAN 4th Revised edition (ENG)


With over 100 Adventure Cards, plus new spells, characters, and alternative endings, Talisman: The Blood Moon Expansion adds a gripping layer of gothic horror to your quest for the Crown of Command.

In addition to a host of new challenges, including a bloodthirsty Werewolf that prowls the land, time alternates between "Day" and "Night" under The Blood Moon. The new Time Card flips between its Day and Night sides to indicate the inexorable passage of time. Whenever a player draws one or more Events on his turn, he flips the Time Card, a seemingly minor change with a range of game-altering consequences. Whereas creatures are slightly weaker in the cold light of day, they grow bolder at nightfall.

What's more, a number of new Adventure Cards have varied effects depending on the time of day; the night can usher in the Witching Hour, during which spells are more prevalent...or a

thick Moon Mist can descend on the land, inhibiting safe travel until dawn.



Talisman Revised 4th edition - The Blood Moon expansion (ENG version)

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